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Enplas Cast Nylon Products

Our company offers wide range of premium quality Enplas Cast Nylon Products that are available in various different shapes and sizes that can be customized according to customer demands and area of applications. They are machined with high precision by using latest production technologies that make them free from manufacturing flaws. These engineering class components are made up of top grade thermoplastic materials which results in higher strength to weight ratio with an excellent resistance against rust and corrosion. Buy from us these products in large quantities as per your demands at a reasonable price range.

Nylon Pads

Nylon Pads is a smooth and dimensionally accurate rectangular sheet which is available in many different sizes as per the length and widths. It is made up by using best in class thermoplastic materials which results in higher dense structure and sturdy design that makes it capable to withstand large impact forces, high temperature and pressure.Nylon Pads is available in various different colors such as yellow, white, black, blue and many more. Get this thick and dense sheet like product from us as per your demands at a low price range.

Nylon Roller

Nylon Roller

Nylon Roller availed by us is fixed to the trolleys of the rail type materials handling system in various medium to large scale industries to easily move heavy loads within the industrial facilities.It is made up of top gradeplastic that makes it capable to withstand larger loads which results in longer service life. The central bearing assembly of this component is made up by using industrial grade stainless steel to prevent wearing. Buyers can get this top gradeNylon Roller in large quantities with an assurance of fast and safe delivery.

Paper Dryer Gear Ring

Paper Dryer Gear Ring

Paper Dryer Gear Ring manufactured and supplied by us is used as a transmission element for the smooth transfer of mechanical power within the machineries. It is provided with a central core to make sturdy and reliable connections with the rotating shafts. The teeth of this machine component are machined with high accuracy that helps in the smooth and noiseless transmission.Paper Dryer Gear Ring is available in different designs such as external and internal teeth configurations.

Nylon Machinery Ring

Nylon Machinery Ring is a heavy duty transmission unit that is commonly used in small to mid scale machines to deliver rotational power. It is in high demand due to its high dimensional accuracy and smoother surface finish. The excellent rust and abrasion resistant provide longer service life. The offered Nylon Machinery Ring can be customized into various diameters and geared profiles according to the clients demand and applications where it is going to be installed.

Nylon Pinion Gears

Nylon Pinion Gears

Nylon Pinion Gears availed by us is used as a gearing pair which is used for the reduction of speed as well as to amplify torque. It can be used in various industrial machineries such as printing presses, conveyors and many more. Premium grade high density thermoplastic material is used for the fabrication ofthe offeredNylon Pinion Gears which gives high strength to weight ratio. Buy from us this component in bulk at a reasonable price range.


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