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Manufacturing A World Class Assortment of Engineering Plastic Products, Polyacetal Plates, Polycarbonate Machined Parts, Polyether Ketones Plates, Polysulphone (PSU) Rods And Plates, By Rising star award winner company!

About Us

We, Engineered Polymers (India) Pvt. Ltd., are a skilled manufacturing concern, working in the sector under the leadership of Mr. Jayant Bheda (CEO). Since 1987, we have been dealing in the best variety of offerings, and constantly improving them as per the changing requirements of clients. Today, our enterprise is engaged in bringing forth innovative Engineering Plastic Products. All of our products are manufactured using best quality and high performance Polymers. Assuring this, we manage to present a seamless variety of Polysulphone (PSU) Rods And Plates, Polyether Ketones Plates, Polycarbonate Machined Parts, Polyacetal Plates, etc., on a regular basis. This range has contributed to our success in the industry, and many experts of the domain support our endeavors. The range that we offer is appreciated by clients in industries like:
  • Medical Devices Industry
  • Aerospace, Defense Industry
  • Cement Industry
  • Oil & Natural Gas Industry
  • Construction & Infrastructure Industry
  • Bottling Plants Industry
  • Materials Handling Industry
  • Paper Processing Industry & More 

As a manufacturer and supplier of the sector that has been around for more than 3 decades, we have gained massive popularity nationwide. We are considered the best. Our vertically integrated supply chain is also considered trustworthy by many. We are also offering Glass Filled, Carbon Filled and ESD Grade Materials.

Technical Capabilities

Our company have many technical capabilities like: 

  • Custom Compounding
  • Custom Formulation
  • Custom Casting
  • Fully Automated Casting Unit
  • Extrusion, etc. 
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